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Bilka grape energy

The Effective Cosmetic with White Grape!
Perfect Result!

BILKAThe fast rhythm of life requires the women to be active and mobile and in the little free time to care for its vision, which leads her to use the fast result effective cosmetic.
The philosophy of the specially developed line with white grape Grape EnergY is the “scientific-sensitive” products for everyday care to keep the skin always young looking.

The secret of this refreshing and nourishing line is the ultra new active substance RenovAGEwhich no other one very intensively renovates the cells, recovers their hydrobalance, nourishes in depth and gives the skin the fresh and young look!

“The extract of youth” from the White Grape conforms to all requirements of the face and body skin – contains more than 30 biologically active substances, analog to the young skin, plant restructuring and anti-stress agents, pro vitamins and minerals.

No matter the richness of those active components the line is very tolerant over the skin. It is suitable for every type of skin even the most sensitive.

All products can be used morning and evening.
Grape EnergY cosmetic line where the sensitiveness is the queen is the line with light airy texture, tender effect, fresh and elegant natural aromas.

Grape EnergY is dedicated to:

  • active women, who cherish their time and their care for the skin;
  • charge and refresh the skin with energy and youth 24 hrs a day;
  • effective protection of the skin;

The products from the line Grape EnergY are dermatologically tested!


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