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Professional Colour Protect Mask

Hair maskWith grape seed oil & keratin.
Provides long-term colour protection and intensive hair nourishment. Especially suitable for treated and dyed hairs.
Restores hair structure.
Retains the natural moisture and hydrates the scalp.
Gives vitality and shine.
Provides protection, with natural UV filter.

Active ingredients:
Grape seed oil – one of the most appropriate oils for hair care – powerful antioxidant. Nourishes without making it greasy, hydrates and supplies the hair with vital substances.
Vit. E and linoleic acid, which strenghten the hair and stimulate growth. Helps to preserve the colour for treated hair.

Keratin – deeply recovers the hair from root to tip, improves hairs’ texture and protects them from environmental influences. Stimulates hair growth and gives vitality.
Heliogenol – sunflower seeds extract, protects the hair from UV rays in a natural way, by preserving its shine and colour.

D-panthenol – strengthens the hair and hydrates scalp’s skin.
Use: Apply the mask with massage movements on washed with shampoo hair and scalp. In 2-3 minutes rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Recommendation: For optimal effect, use it in a combination with Bilka Hair Expert Colour Protect Shampoo.

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